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Family Law

Family Law encompasses dissolutions, child custody, child support, debt and asset division, spousal maintenance and a host of other issues. To navigate through the minefield ahead, a client needs an attorney and team who bring with them a wealth of knowledge, both from a legal perspective, as well as from a practical perspective. Also that team should have a clear understanding of your goals and strategies. Michael and his team are prepared for just this sort of situation. Having practice for over a decade, we understand that family law is complex, difficult, and frankly mentally straining. We wish to assist in taking this burden off you and generating your desired goals through tireless effort and skill.

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Business Law

As a small business ourselves, Chin Legal Group, PLLC understands the complexities and difficulties of starting your own business. In addition to general compliance with corporation rules and law, each type of business has distinct rules and regulations which must be met. Additionally, a business needs to consider advantageous tax planning avenues and strategies to help a business grow. Michael and his team can assist in these aspects. From the initial filing to the corporate documentation and negotiating contracts, to compliance let us assist you in building a profitable and healthy business.

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Criminal Defense

Not all criminal defense attorneys are made equal. Many do properly identify issues or miss arguments. That is not acceptable, especially when the difference is jail time and substantial fines. Enter Lucas McWethy. Initially, Michael practiced in the area of criminal law; however after meeting Lucas, he immediately saw the passion and dogged persistence of Mr. McWethy. Lucase is well versed in both felony and misdemeanor matters. He will insure that no stone is left unturned.

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Estate Planning

There are many types of estate planning tools, and it can be confusing to know which is right for you. We'll get to know you, your goals, and help align you with a solution that meets your family's needs.

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Mediation can be an effective tool to reach a solution. A form of alternative dispute resolution, this method helps you discuss your conflict with an impartial third party to find a way to meet everyone's needs.

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