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Shaza Salameh

Attorney at Law

Shaza Salameh grew up in northern Israel, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws and a M.B.A. from Netanya Academic College.

As a student, Shaza worked as an intern in a boutique law firm focusing on family law, real estate law and traffic law. Upon graduating, she worked as an Associate Attorney in a state-based law office representing the State of Israel in civil lawsuits and then continued to work in a private firm handling personal injury claims, property damages, and insurance claims.

In 2012, Shaza moved to Washington State where she continued working remotely with a private law firm on discovery, pleadings and legal research. She attended the University of Washington in 2019 and currently holds a Master of Laws. She successfully passed the Bar Exam in July 2020.

Shaza’s passion lies in her desire to help and advocate for fellow community members in pursuit of justice. She hopes to make a tremendous and continuous impact on all her clients past, present and future while jointly serving their legal goals.