Estate and Tax Planning


Wills and Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning encompasses a number of distinct and complex issues. The goal of our firm is to allow you to make informed decisions with the best advise possible. 

At Chin Legal Group, we have the knowledge and ability to assist you in making these decisions. Whether it is deciding how to draft a will, whether or not to probate, or how to deal with a specific planning issue we can assist.  

Living Revocable Trusts

While Washington is relatively straight-forward for probate services, a Living Revocable Trust can often we a advantageous alternative to a testamentary will. Living Revocable Trusts are not subject to probate, can be used in multiple states, and can be structured to maintain a family business or legacy. If you have further questions about living revocable trusts please contact our office.

Tax Planning

The IRS is the last person that any person wishes to deal with. At Chin Legal Group our goal, from an estate planning perspective, is to ensure that you never have to deal with the IRS ever. Additionally, with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 it is important to understand how this may affect your estate plan.

This goal can take many different forms. Please call our office to discuss your individual issues as each case presents a unique set of issues and goals. 


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